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Flare Fittings - ISO 8434-2

Available Configurations

ME Flare Fittings
  • flare fitting
  • flare fitting

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'ME' 37° Flare Fittings confirms to ISO 8434-2. Our 37° Flare Tube Fittings comprises a coupling body, Sleeve and Nut. On Flare Tube Fitting, the flared tube is wedged and held between the Sleeve and the coupling body. The Sleeve Centres & Supports the tube, at the same time preventing it from Twisting and dampening vibration. That makes highly dependable joint due to metal seal & simple assembly.

Technical Specifications

General Outlay of Pressure Ranges, Tube Sizes and threads

Tube Size

1/4"OD TO TO 1"OD, 6MM OD TO 38MM OD



Material of Construction

SS304, SS316, Brass & Carbon Steel From Bar Stock & Forged Body

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