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Tube / Pipe Clamps

Available Configurations

ME Hydraulic Pipr Clamps
  • Heavy Series Clamps
  • Side by Side Clamps
  • Double Heavy Clamps
  • Rubber Insert Clamps

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We manufacture a wide range of hydraulic tube clamps that ensures the required strong support to your piping systems, tubing structures, hoses and electrical cable installations.

Our pipe clamps are designed as per DIN 3015 Standard specifications. Our hydraulic tube clamps assure strong, and reliable support for your piping systems; absorbs shock, dampen vibration and reduces noice in hydraulic systems.

We offer several configuaration in our tube clamps, primarily being categorised into: Light Series, Standard Series, Heavy Series, Twin Series and Construction Series.

A standard clamp features a bottom plate that serves as base, jaws that grip the tube or pipe, top plate that serves as support cover for the block clamp and a bolts that completes the assembly. Now the configuration option includes:
  • Options for material of - jaws, metal assemblies as per application requirement
  • Angled or extended - weld plates, rail nut and rail channel
  • Assembly as - standard, stalked, side-by-side, etc.
  • Multi Tube series, heavy series, construction series.

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